Speculative Design project

Client: Conceptual

Role: Designer

This conceptual design was for Old Square in Birmingham.  Currently a lifeless roundabout and pass through for pedestrians, an opportunity to create a landmark building on this under utilised space was identified.  An Urban Spa building was proposed consisting of a museum of sociology and lifestyle spa.  The concept was that the museum attracted passers by and showed them how society progressed through to the current day, and the lifestyle spa healed them from the stresses of working in modern society.  Innovative ideas such as a running track in the sky to provide the benefit of exercise outdoors, and flotation tanks for meditation.  Combined with a new civic square and road re-route, pedetrians reclaimed urban domain from the motor car, and were revitalised on their otherwise mundane and forgotten journey to work. 

The project received the 2005 RIBA David Brown Diploma award.